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Shipping Delay Update


Update 7 May

I have managed to get the majority of the back orders out, and have only a few left. If you have yet to receive a tracking number, you'll get the by the end of next week.

Update 27th April: The magnets are finally here, and all back orders will be shipped by the 6th of April!!

Huge apologies for those affected by the delay. 


I have created this page to keep everyone up to date with a current delay caused by a supplier issue. 

The current delay is caused by a large order of magnets which was placed all the way back in mid December, and is currently unable to be processed until the lock down restrictions in place in Hong Kong ease, and the shippers are able to process the order. 

As a secondary resolution, I will also be making a new order for magnets this week (current date 28th March).

So, the current best guess is that all back-orders will be shipped by May 1st.

I will post any updates from the supplier about the initial shipment, and the additional order on this page. You're obviously of course welcome to reach out to me directly via the contact form on this site if you want further clarification, or if you need to cancel your order.

Thanks so much for your patience!!