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Deep Make is a design studio, prototyping workshop, and pico-factory based in Bath in the UK that specializes in innovative, unique and beautiful consumer products.



A bit more about me

Hi, I’m Luke. I’m a product designer based in Bath in the UK and the founder of Deep Make. Creativity for me is the closest thing I have to expressing who I am. There is simply nothing more satisfying than starting with a seed of an idea, playing with it in my mind until it becomes something coherent, and then watching it as I do my best to create a beautiful real world object from these thoughts. I don't think I’ll ever get bored of it.

It’s important to me that my creations are not just for me to enjoy, and that I can share my work as broadly as possible with those who resonate with it. I have 15 years experience of entrepreneurship, ranging from e-commerce businesses, to internet only ventures, and I intend to draw upon that expertise to make sure I deliver on my promises to the satisfaction of everyone who puts faith in me. It's my intention that every single person who interacts with Deep Make is truly happy they did - no exceptions.

Outside of work I love chess, surfing, and anything to do with flying (particularly hang gliding and FPV).