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Infinity Trax is a modular marble track made from laser cut wood. Each piece has inbuilt magnets for attaching to metal surfaces such as fridges, filing cabinets, magnetic whiteboards etc.

There are 17 unique tricks and track sections, so there are endless creative ways to solve this uniquely challenging and rewarding puzzle. Perfect for those with active minds. 

The track has been conceived with visual style and user experience fundamental to design choices. It is an object of beauty but which also works like it should. 

If making things is something you value then there are great rewards both in the initial build of the track pieces, and creating your own unique and original track designs. 

Creative problem solving when it is play based is the ultimate learning tool, and that's where this track comes into its own. Making a good track is about managing marble speed, whilst thinking things through logically so your track flows nicely.


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