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Air Plant Holders displayed interlocking on a wall.
Air plant holders on a kitchen wall
Living Wall Air Plant Holders | The Hexagon
Air plant holders displayed on a white background
Air plant holders on a white background without the plants
A single air plant holder in walnut
A single air plant holder in maple

Living Wall Air Plant Holders | The Hexagon

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This is a system of Art Deco inspired interlocking geometric air plant holders made from maple and walnut veneer. They stick to any vertical surface with the inbuilt magnet (or optional adhesive pad), and look beautiful when displayed on their own, and particularly eye catching when interlocked to create a truly unique living wall.

This listing is for the Hexagon shaped air plant holders. I also make these in three other geometries including Rainbow, Diamond and Fan. Please check my store if you'd like to see them.

There are also two wood choices for you to choose from. One with maple as the primary wood (i.e with that as the outermost wood), and one with walnut as the primary wood. If you check the images you should be able to see the different options.

Additional info:

  • Handmade in the UK.
  • Water resistant so great for spraying your air plants
  • Approx Size: 130x80x34mm
  • Magnets and Adhesive pad included.
  • Air Plants not included